Speed and EfficiencyArguably the biggest benefit of employing a broadband connection is the increased speed it provides. This is because broadband Internet connections are a great deal faster than dial-up connections – in some cases they are up to 40 times faster! With increased speeds, you and your employees are able to get more done in less time. Broadband connections are known for their always-on 24/7 connectivity, which allows you to enjoy your high-speed Internet connection whenever you desire it. When you use a dial-up connection, it can take minutes just to log on and access your email; however with a broadband connection, one simple click on your browser gives you high-speed access to the Internet where you can surf the web, read your email, hold a web conference, etc. Moreover, broadband Internet connections permit quick and easy downloading and uploading of large files. For example, in the time it would take you to download just one pre-recorded web conference with a dial-up connection, you could potentially download as many as five via a broadband Internet connection. In addition, high-speed broadband connections provide you with access to applications and service features that a dial-up connection cannot support, such as streaming, real-time video/audio, etc. ReliabilityArchaic Internet connections – such as a dial-up connection – are not only painfully slow, but also rather unreliable. With a broadband connection, on the other hand, most providers typically offer a dependable 99.9 percent uptime, virtually eliminating your need to worry about unexpected "hiccups" that can lose your connection. A Flat, Predictable Monthly FeeSince a broadband Internet connection is always-on 24/7, you pay one flat rate to your provider every month, eliminating the need for you to guess how much time you and your employees have spent online and worrying about what it will cost you. No Need for an Additional Phone LineHigh-speed broadband connections are dedicated connections that do not interfere with your telephone line, as opposed to a traditional dial-up connection that requires the installation of a second phone line in order for you to be able to simultaneously surf the web and make a telephone call. Additional InformationThink a broadband connection would benefit your business? Not sure? Give one of our professional account managers a call today and let us help you find the ideal solution for your business!