The importance of communication is most felt during emergency situations because during that time everybody is more eager to know the first hand information about the situation. Emergency communication is involved during natural disasters, fire situation, war time etc. During such situations there is all possibility that the physical communication infrastructure is damaged and also that it is overburdened due response it generate. Governments all over the world have one or other way to deal with such situations. They have elaborate apparatus of emergency communication to save lives and property. These apparatus may include emergency response teams, temporary communication infrastructure, mass awareness etc. The most common way to respond to such situations in developing countries is to call army, they with their trained man and better practise can able to perform better in comparison with others. Normally common people have access to one centralised command which can be utilise by them in any emergency situation, apart form this they can also respond to one who provides the dedicated services like police, fire brigade, ambulance etc. In order to equip common people to handle emergency situations, there is need to provide them training on community level so that when they encounter such situation they can handle it in a better way. And Fast Internet Service can play an important role towards this end, people must be provided with emergency internet access so that they can remain connected with others who can help then during such situations. As we live in a globalised world which is shrinking day by day because of the advancement in the information and communication technology. Thus, this advancement has to be used during the need of an hour and not only for entertainment. All those agencies which deal in emergency services must have emergency internet access so that they can reach the needy in time. Internet is most effective way to reach out to people and at the same time it is also an essential tool for people. There are various service providers who deal in emergency internet services and due to competition among themselves they offer very cheap prices. A vigilant individual can not only saves his/her life in abnormal scenarios but also of others. But before you engage yourself in such an act make sure that you are safe than look for your family and your house and then only then you go for the community. Here the role of the government is important, they must erect emergency apparatus at community level so that more human life and property can be saved and this will minimise the monetary loss to the nation’s economy.